Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rainforest Animals 2nd

Students learned about the artist Henri Rousseau. Rousseau had many paintings of the rainforest, however he had never been. He learned how to draw the rainforest and animals from books. Students created their own rainforest scene using books just like Rousseau. They hid the animals in a rainforest of many different plants. Students also wrote an artist statement to tell the story about their artwork.

"The Jungle" by Hunter
This jungle is about a gorilla. There are trees and a gorilla in my artwork. A gorilla is swinging. I liked making the grass because I put leaves under then colored. Before I made it I thought making it would be hard. Now I know it was easy

"The Animals Meet" by Christien
This jungle is about animals. There are leaves and creatures in my artwork. Gorillas are yelling is happening. I liked making a gorilla because it's strong. Before I made it I thought of it. Now I know how to make art.

"The Forest is About Animals" By Emily
There are deer, cheetah, frogs, lady bug, bird, monkey, snake, butterfly, and egg. The deer is sleeping. I liked making artwork.

"The Rainforest" by Courtland
This artwork is about animals. There are trees and animals in my artwork. A bird is singing. I liked making the animals because I like animals. Before I made it I thought it was going to be cool. Now I know it is cool.

"Dangerous" by Jonah
This drawing is about dangerous forest animals. There are snakes, bananas, spiders, monkeys, and a wart hog in my artwork. A monkey is swinging is happening. I liked making the monkey because it's fun making it.

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