Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Primary Colors K and 1st

1st grade students learned about the artist, Mondrian. In Mondrian's artwork he works with simple shape and Primary colors. Students placed 5 difference lines on their paper, some vertical lines and  others horizontal lines. The trick is getting the lines exactly up and down, and side to side.  Without mixing colors students had to make the decision of where to place their primary colors.

Kindergarten learned about a different artist named Kandinsky. Kandinsky loved to many shapes and colors in his artwork. We started with the color yellow at painting 8 different shapes. Then we used red to paint a different shape around our yellow shapes. Next we used blue to paint a new shape around our red shapes. Last we start again with yellow, red, and blue until there is no white left in our artwork. We had to be careful not to mix our colors together and make sure to wash our paint brushes out.  In the end we found out mixing primary colors will give us a new color.

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