Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Step 1 in Fall Printmaking

3rd and 4th grade

When fall comes leafs start changing colors, but why?! I was surprised to find out that the students already knew about photosynthesis. What surprised me student knew that chloroplasts are what create the colors that we see in leafs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

K and 1st Learning more about SHAPE!

Kindergarden made their very own handy-dandy robots. If you could have your very own robot what would you want it to do for you??? We made our robots only using triangles, squares, and rectangles. And kindergarden even cut the shapes all by themselves. 

1st grade created "feeling faces" influenced by the abstract artist Picasso. We had to think if our colors, shapes, and patterns were happy or sad. 


Starting off the year by learning a little bit more about our team mascot, the blue jay.  Blue jays are not very hard to notice because of their bright blue colors and loud voices.  You will notice that each grade level created their blue jays differently with their own style and different materials.

Kindergarden (above) learned how to draw the blue jay logo using simple shapes. Dot-dot-not-a-lot some of us loved glue a little too much. :)

1st Grade (below) also learned how to draw a blue jay using simple shapes. How many blue jays can you see? 

(the correct answer is 10 bluejays!)

2nd grade discovered if you see a blue jay far, far in the distance it looks like a double arch. They had so much fun with oil pastels and creating their unique COLORFUL patterns. 

3rd grade made a mono-print of a blue jay from a  birds eye view. mono= one 
only 1 print is created from the original painting.  The most interesting thing about printmaking is that you never now what the print will look like. Each print is different in its own way. 

5th grade learned how to draw a complicated blue-jay from starting with only very simple shapes. Next class period we created a paisley pattern with white crayon.  It was so awesome to see the students come up with their very own types of paisley. 

6th grade learned a little history about the famous artist named Picasso. Picasso is best know for his abstract artwork. Look closely...can you see the bluejays? 

The process of creating an abstract blue jay.......

Friday, September 17, 2010

7th and 8th Elements of ARrrrrrRT!

A writer uses words to tell their story. But what do artists use to tell a story? Elements. Huh? Elements are simply shape, line, color, value, space, and textures. Yes, its true, many of my 7th and 8th graders were bored with learning about the elements of art. Even through the suffering their artwork created was AMAZING!