Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kindergarten Clowns

Since its that time of year where many students will be visiting the circus I thought clowns made from many simple shapes would be the perfect lesson. This lesson I borrowed from a teacher that I student taught with. Every clown face is so unique and entertaining!

1st Circus Bears

These bears are far from a brown bear you would see in nature. We designed our bears with lots of pattern, color, and line.  Before students drew their bears they brainstormed a variety of lines zig-zag, dotted, swirl, straight, thick, thin, etc. Then looking closely we drew the bear one shape at a time.

Abstract Art 5th and 6th

5th and 6th graders used repetition in their artwork by creating a variety of circles from large to small covering their entire page. Once their page was full of circles they divided them into halfs, fourths, eights, etc. Next students learned the three primary colors red, blue, and yellow. Then the following class period students learn how to mix secondary colors and even how to mix gray from only the three primary colors. 

Picasso Portraits

3rd and 4th

Have you ever since Pablo Picasso's wild and abstract portrait paintings? At the beginning of class I showed a power point with lots of abstract portraits created by Picasso. Some of the students first reactions were "strange" "weird, messed up, awesome, freaky, colorful, crazy". Then we all started drawing a profile view of a person's face. Next we blended the profile view with a front view of a total different face. Some faces happy, sad, excited, and many different expressions.

Next we learned colors that symbolize happiness and sadness. Students choose colors to match the emotions on their abstract faces. To make the artwork more abstract we added many patterns and colors into the background just like Picasso!