Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebrating Autumn K-4th


Fall is here!! YEAH! My favorite season!

K-Leaf Rubbing

We were so amazing that their are SO many different leafs in the world. Small, large, long, short, thorny, soft..... Some bugs eat leafs and did you know there's a plant that eats bugs?! WHaoooO! We used a variety of leafs to create many unique textures. We also observed that crayon works as a resist to watercolor paints!

1-Fall reflection
Where can you find reflections?
1st grade students also studied the differences between portrait and landscape artwork. Our landscapes were called mono-prints. Mono=1 This means you are only able to make one exact print.  However you can see that the print is not exactly the same. Then again reflections are never perfect either.

2-Fall Landscape
We talked about portraits and how they are artworks that show up close details of a person. Then we discovered that a landscape can have people but the land is most important. Second graders learned how to create a landscape showing space. In the foreground objects will be LARGE, but in the background the objects will be small and middle ground, middle. It was also our first time working with chalk pastels which are great for blending!! Not so great when your trying not to smear.  So fun to see all the creative details that students added into their layouts.

3 & 4- Fall Printmaking (PART 2)

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