Wednesday, January 5, 2011

K and 2nd Snowmen

Kindergarten have had lots of practice with scissors. But did you know that you can make shapes out of paper just by tearing?? At first kindergarden was very worried about making a circle without scissors!  Soon Kindergarten discovered that shapes don't have to be perfect. We made sure that each snowman was looking in a different direction (left, right, and up) and each snowman was a different size (small, medium, and large).

2nd grade learned how to mix shades and tints to form Snowmen and women. Do you know what hue means? Most people do not know that hue is just another word for color. Students learned how to start with a hue and then add white to make a tint and blake to make a shade.  I was amazed how creative my second graders became with their snowmen and women!!

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